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MarketCarpets is perfect as a visual representation of the performance of all members of a group and offers a variety of different indicators to measure this performance. As they can be used to select the best performing stocks in a group, MarketCarpets can also be used to determine whether there is broad participation in a trend or whether the index is distorting the performance of several members.

MarketCarpets is highly configurable. A few examples are provided here, but you should create your own MarketCarpet to suit your trading style.

Understanding what is happening in the market from a technical perspective may require looking at many tables. There are charts of high-level compounds and averages, industry indices, and industry indices, as well as charts of individual stocks. Stock scans can often reduce the number of charts an analyst has to look at, but always ask you "Did something overlook on the scan?" It makes you wonder.

StockCharts' MarketCarpet tool can help solve these problems. MarketCarpets provides a representation of which industries, industries and stocks are hot right now. Think of it as a visual stock scanning tool; simple to use, yet extremely powerful.


The MarketCarpet tool offers a large collection of securities (the universe) as a "carpet" of colored squares. Each square represents a stock, mutual fund, or index. In the carpet, squares can be arranged in subgroups according to sector, sector group or other characteristics.

The carpet can be displayed in market value mode where the square size is based on market value, or in square mode where each frame is the same size and gives equal visual weight to each security in the universe. Squares are color-coded to show you at a glance which stocks are performing well (green) or bad (red).

Note: The MarketCarpet tool offers several different color schemes to suit users' personal color preferences. In this article, we'll be using the "Red, White, Green" default color scheme.

MarketCarpet Universes

We offer several different pre-defined MarketCarpets covering everything from S&P stocks to mutual funds and Canadian stocks. We also have a predefined MarketCarpet that covers all indices on our Market Summary page that can be used for fast cross-market analysis. In addition, you can view any of your Chart Lists in MarketCarpet view. This is a great way to see the performance of all your watchlist stocks at a glance.

MarketCarpet Indicators

Color-coded performance of securities in MarketCarpet is based on price changes by default, but can be configured to base performance over many other indicators, including MarketCarpet, RSI, Bollinger Bandwidth, SCTR values, and more.

Some indicators can operate in absolute mode (showing the values of a period) or in change mode (showing the change in value over a configurable period).

Learn More

This section provides only a brief introduction to the capabilities of our MarketCarpet tool. For more detailed information on creating and configuring MarketCarpets, please see our Support Center article on MarketCarpets.


By default, MarketCarpet uses price change values to color code squares, but there are a few other indicators to choose from. Below is a brief description of each indicator available for MarketCarpets and interpretation guidelines for this indicator.


Price is the increase or decrease in the closing value of a stock as a percentage over time. Unlike most other indicators, it requires a start date and an end date for calculation, so it only works in Change mode. It is calculated by subtracting the initial closing value from the end closing value and then dividing this value by the initial closing value and multiplying it by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

The price shows you the bottom line. Stocks with rising prices will be green, falling stocks will be red. Dark green is good (for a long time) and dark red is bad. The time frame for price change measurement can be lengthened or shortened using the date slider below the table.


The SCTR or StockCharts Technical Ranking is a numerical score that ranks a stock against its peers using six different technical metrics. SCTR values can be used in Absolute or Replace mode in MarketCarpet. In absolute mode, each frame is colored according to the SCTR score of the specified day. In replacement mode, each frame is colored according to the increase or decrease in SCTR score over the specified period.
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